What is a chatbot?


This is a small program in the messenger or social network that communicates with the user and performs simple functions. For example, it answers the most frequently asked questions or helps place an order. We can say that this is the technical support of a new generation - more thoughtful, convenient, affordable for everyone. These virtual interlocutors bring business and users new opportunities. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that these simple robots are becoming increasingly popular among companies from various fields of activity.

Bots have repeatedly proved their effectiveness in practice. Users love them for their convenience, accessibility and simplicity. And entrepreneurs - for the opportunity quickly and easily solve those issues, the solution of which previously required to involve people and make large financial investments.



Why you should implement a Chatbot in your business?


  The open rate of the newsletter is declining: an average email open rate is 10-15%, whereas messages that come in Facebook Messenger are read almost by 80-85% of people.

      As you can see the difference is almost 8 times. So, you can earn many times more just by automatization your communication process. The chatbot works like a virtual friend: imitates a living person’s communication on a social network - sells, jokes, answers questions ...

   Usually, developing a chatbot is a long and expensive process, because programmers write code from scratch for each client. But we found a way to develop chatbots without coding, which at times simplifies, and most importantly, reduces the cost of the process.



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Still Not Convinced? There are more benefits of having a ChatBots


  1. They are easy to connect to an existing CRM system;

  2. They provide a new, more direct and personal channel of communication with customers;

  3. They can be easily modified and changed;

  4. You do not need to have fast internet or an expensive smartphone to work with it

  5. They simplify customer interactions with the company



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Stages of creating a Chat Bot

You fill out a briefing, with a mention of all critical details (up to the slang on which your target audience communicates)

We are developing a "funnel" of communication with your customers (that is: what exactly do we communicate with the client at each stage, while he makes a purchase decision; at what stage we give links to the site, video, useful tips ...). Funnels will be completely different for different business purposes.

We visualize the chatbot layout for the purpose that you specified in the brief and give it a logical structure (this is done using mind maps or other services for creating flowcharts)

We prepare content for each step of communication (message texts, photos, infographics, videos, GIFs, polls, automatic answers to frequently asked questions, etc.)

You approve the concept and content of the chatbot

Chatbot specialist, places “tags” at each step of the “funnel”, where necessary, checks the correctness of the bot

We optimize Chatbot's sales funnel as part of our monthly support program. We test various messages, sales paths, how people react (open rate, click-trough-rate) and make changes to maximize the sales ratio.

Check out some Chatbots in practice

Food industry

​Chatbot helps people to place their order through Chatbot messenger: discover customer's preferences, tells about promotions, get information  needed for delivering pizza, apart from that also keep customer entertained by offering 50 % discount if they win the game.

ski risort.PNG

Chatbot supporting the digital part of customer service, which has been used by over 5,000 people since launch last season. Quickly answers user questions, such as air quality, opened slops and thanks to integration with a weather station, provides current weather data.

chatbot ecommerce.PNG

Answers frequently asked questions. Directs to specific departments on the outlet page. With a few clicks, you can filter the offer in a given category by choosing gender, type of wardrobe and budget. Chatbot then shows a list of results tailored to its user.