We will help you to achieve the most effective result in promoting your brand in social media

Social networks are a great tool for promoting business on the Internet space

Below is the data on the number of users on social networks for February  2019. Every day this number is growing and with it the number of your potential customers increase.

Depending on the specific area of your company, it it is important to understand which social media is most beneficial to use to promote you company. We will make an comprehensive analysis and offer you a  marketing strategy based on your needs.


You can be sure that your ad will be seen by your target audience. For the user to come back and make a choice in favor of your service or product - we set up remarketing.

Reputation management

Social media monitoring is an important element of reputation management. With the help of special tools, we monitor what is written about you in social networks and counteract the negative.

Support in social networks

Audience feedback is an essential element of a marketing strategy. The specialist assigned to your brand will be responsible for competent and live communication with the group members.

Graphics development

Graphics and photos play a huge role in promotion on social networks. We will create an attractive and unique design that will regularly attract the attention of your subscribers.

Writing articles for the blog

Thematic articles increase not only your position in organic search, but also increase the interest of your subscribers, and as a result generate traffic to your site through social networks.

Cooperation with opinion leaders

The networks we serve:

Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,

Languages offered:

Russian, Polish, English, German and others

People tend to trust those who are successful. Therefore, it makes sense to cooperate with opinion leaders. We work with bloggers from different fields.

How we cooperate with our client

StarNet Pro has an bespoke approach to each client.

After filling in the application form, we analyze your specific request and contact you to discuss the details.


1. We initially define the budget and specific goals

2. We study the specifics of the brand, the target audience and competitors

3. We develop an effective strategy for promoting the brand in social networks

4. We create groups / communities / fanpages accordingly your needs

5. We develop a schedule of publications (number of posts, publication time, topics, select illustrations and other points)

6. Customize and run targeted ads on social networks

7. Track the effectiveness of this advertisement and, if necessary, adjust

8. We promptly respond to comments in communities

9. We work with reputation: we monitor social media on the theme of the customer's brand

11. We provide you a monthly report of our actions

10. We organize competitions and / or advertising of products / services through bloggers

* We will contact you within 24 hours after receiving the application


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