A bit about social media statistic 2019?

Below is the data on the number of monthly active users on social networks for February  2019. Every day this number is growing and with it the number of your potential customers increase.

1 billion

2,4 billion

1,9 billion

303 million

330 million

Social Media Management – What are the benefits?


But, perhaps you have already recognised the importance of social advertising earlier on and already have some activity running? That’s great. This kind of work can be time-consuming, which you’ll feel all the more if you’ve found other areas of your business that demand your attention. In this case, the challenge instead lies in finding the talent to take over your activity for you. If this is the case, we can help you to grow your activity and the resulting new business with our social media management services. To explore our services, get in touch to arrange a discussion on how we can manage and report on your activity to free up some of your time.

Depending on the specific area of your company, it is important to understand which social media is most beneficial to use to promote your company. . There is no one-size-fits-all platform, sometimes you can succeed in using a single platform. We will make a comprehensive analysis and offer you the platform that we believe will work for your business.

What can we help you with?

 Paid social media advertising


We will determine your target audience, define the optimal budget, set up an advertising campaign taking into account the interests of your potential customers and make sure that advertising works as efficiently as possible to achieve the goals.

 Reputation management

Social media monitoring is an important element of reputation management. With the help of special tools, we monitor what is written about you in social networks and counteract the negative.

Communications with fans 


Maintaining a profile in social networks means communicating with the audience via comments, quick and correct response to the negative, as well as accepting applications or orders.

 Grafik design 

When it comes to social media marketing (SMM), graphic design is a crucial part of the overall content strategy. No matter how good the text is, no one will notice it if it is not accompanied by pleasant visual effects. We create an attractive and unique design that will regularly attract the attention of your subscribers.